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Empowering retailers to make

smarter, data-driven decisions

Head Office

RPM provides a complete sales and stock analytics package for head office managers and decision-makers. Whether your role is in finance, merchandising, marketing or operations the RPM reports will make your job easier. 


RPM lets you monitor your products’ sell-out data at branch-SKU-day level. RPM’s Smarter OrderingTM automatically turns store's data into replenishment orders based on real-time store demand and actual stock levels.

Store Managers

Every store’s ranking is updated daily on the RPM Scoreboard and the most important insights appear onscreen in plain-English. Busy managers use RPM to monitor their team’s performance and see what actions to take every day. 

"Since implementing RPM Retail our gross margin has improved +4%, the dead stock at each store has fallen by -$20k and the frequency of out-of-stocks on best-sellers has fallen dramatically."

- Geoff Moth, Operations Manager, Toyworld New Zealand

Scoreboard, Insights and Reports

RPM transforms your POS data into powerful, dynamic reports. View our free demo

below to try it out for yourself.

RPM Scoreboard


Subscription-based fees and regular updates make RPM Retail simple and transparent

Stores, Head Office & Suppliers

Everyone gets access to the data they need, along with customised reports

100% web-based

Access your data and build reports from anywhere, on almost any device

Shared Costs

With everyone on board, each user pays less for more information

Rapid Integration

Our smart software reads your data from any POS system, with no heavy lifting from you

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