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Pharmacy Digital Marketing Programme for Suppliers

Providing a fully-integrated
direct-to-consumer marketing channel
through Independent Pharmacy

Instore - Online - Email - Social

Package Details
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6 months
newsletter campaigns
Custom product promotion campaigns
Monthly email campaign stats and engagement

We build better pharmacy websites that drive customers into stores for products and services.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS and FEATURED PRODUCTS appear on every pharmacy's website and ecommerce pages ensuring repetition of your message across these important channels

We transform pharmacy customer clubs into a loyalty database that increases members' shopping frequency and value.

Participating pharmacies have over 1000 loyalty club customers in their email database and these customers spend significantly more  every time they shop.

Personalised, relevant email campaigns that are fully automated improve customer engagement.

Emails sent from independent, local pharmacies are highly trusted and targeted .


This creates a powerful message about your products.

Our digital marketing is measured so that every participating pharmacy knows what works.

Our data collection and analysis provides a unique view of customer engagement.


This reporting ensures that your marketing spend gets results.

We get results for your brands in Independent Pharmacies


Click below to check out what these pharmacy owners have achieved:


“We had Flu Vaccine customers come to our pharmacy in early April because they received an email from us first

– before they were even contacted by their doctor.”... read more.

Sanders Pharmacy
Te Awamutu


“These tools are the perfect way for us to beat the discount pharmacies by reaching our customers with our personalised messages in a way that the big chains will never match”.. read more.

Hillmorton Pharmacy


“The successful community pharmacies of the future need help to ensure that their digital marketing and online presence is working as a front-door for their business”... read more.

Hauraki Corner Pharmacy

Our Goals:

  • To partner with pharmacy suppliers to provide professional, regular, targeted communication direct-to-consumers

  • To build confidence in your key brands

  • To drive online engagement - and drive customers into our pharmacy members' stores

  • To grow customer loyalty and sales

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