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New pharmacy group provides the antidote

Dunedin pharmacists Chin Loh and Lorealle Lam are owners of the Antidote group of pharmacies which are providing a fresh, new approach to health and wellness for their customers.

The Antidote brand has been developed to symbolise a more holistic approach to healthcare solutions that combines the best of pharmaceuticals with the proven benefits of dietary supplements and plant-based medicines.

The six Antidote pharmacies across Dunedin are growing strongly and their focus on health supplements and natural skincare is appealing to locals and tourists alike. The brand in each store includes a consistent approach to the group's retail product range which is based on top-performing health products with a focus on NZ-made.

Chin and Lorealle are true entrepreneurs in an industry that is typically seen as conservative and slow to implement change. Read here to see how the Antidote pharmacy group has used the latest RPM business intelligence and benchmarking software to improve their reporting and decision-making.


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