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How winning retailers create value for their customers

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

The latest research* from a survey of 100 Retailers and 1000 consumers found that in order to differentiate from the discounters and online stores, retailers have to offer an excellent customer experience.

Click below to download our Case Study showing how pharmacies used their Customer Loyalty Club to generate business growth with Email Campaigns featuring winter viruses and flu vaccinations:

Digital Marketing Case Study
Download PDF • 776KB

What is an “excellent customer experience”?

Some of the answers uncovered were:

1. One that delivers a consistent and easy shopping experience.

2. Building deeper relationships with existing customers is the key outcome.

3. Having a great loyalty programme is an important step.

4. Personalised communications are critical – with products and offers that are relevant and specific.

Obstacles and challenges

There are several big obstacles for modern retailers striving for excellence instore. These include:

- having a clear vision of the value you want to deliver to consumers,

- creating a company-wide belief in the importance of your loyalty programme,

- integrating your POS system with your customer database and website and marketing platform,

- coming up with a strategy that builds stronger customer relationships across all channels,

- being able to measure results and prove what works.

How to WIN with a state-of-the-art Digital Marketing Programme

The retail WINNERS are differentiating their business by following these key steps:

- Building a culture of “customer-centricity” where everyone on the team understands the value of customer data.

- Regularly communicating “value” to their best customers through personalised marketing campaigns.


1. Check your website and other digital communications platforms to check that they are up-to-date and are designed to make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

2. Work with digital marketing and customer experience professionals to build a strategy that differentiates your business.

3. Employ outside experts to solve the technical challenges of customer data capture, integration and reporting of results.

Digital Marketing Case Study
Download PDF • 776KB

Check out the Digital Marketing Case Study and see these great examples of fully-integrated RPM Websites:

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