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Digital Marketing - Results

Gemma Perry – Sanders Pharmacy, Te Awamutu

The RPM Retail team have upgraded our website to include landing pages for our top-selling OTC products, as well as pages that feature our growing range of professional services.

“We had Flu Vaccine customers come to our pharmacy

in early April because they received an email from us first

– before they were even contacted by their doctor.”

We have worked hard to build our Sanders Loyalty Club with 3000 members. The email marketing programme is taken care of for us by RPM and Resonate – and this ensures that our customers receive regular, professional communication from us – without it taking any time and effort from my staff.

WINNER 2021 Community Pharmacy of the Year

Sanders Anchor
Simon and Georgina Murphy – Hillmorton Pharmacy, Christchurch

We have recently re-launched our Customer Loyalty Club with help from the RPM team, and we are now aiming to add 50 new customer email addresses each month!

“These tools are the perfect way for us to beat the discount pharmacies

by reaching our customers with our personalised messages

in a way that the big chains will never match”


As a small community pharmacy we don’t have a large advertising budget, and it has become increasingly hard to find marketing tools that work. Now our new website and Loyalty Programme work alongside our regular Facebook activity. Together these digital marketing tools are definitely the best package we’ve ever used.

Hillmorton Anchor
Hauraki Anchor
Anne-Marie Reidy – Hauraki Corner Pharmacy, Takapuna


My suburban pharmacy was losing customers until we embraced the growth in professional services over the last 2 years. Launching our new pharmacy website and booking system has been the start of a whole new way of doing business. We didn’t even have a website or domain name until the RPM team set this up for us.


“The successful community pharmacies of the future need help

to ensure that their digital marketing and online presence

is working as a front-door for their business”


Now we are building a whole new client base of loyal customers who see us as their preferred destination for their health services. My whole team is excited about pharmacy again.

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