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We provide specialty retailers

and their suppliers with

smarter retail performance reports


RPM is a reporting

solution for smart retailers.


We connect to any POS system to deliver:

• Visibility - performance dashboards, benchmarking and analytics

• Smarter merchandising - range rationalisation, automated replenishment and vendor managed inventory

• More engaged customers  - omnichannel integration, digital marketing and customer loyalty programme

Online performance reporting

Quick and easy to implement, you can log into the RPM Retail software on any computer or mobile device. For a low monthly fee you get smarter reporting and insights from the first day.

Delivered using

latest technologies

 We use enterprise-level security using Microsoft database technologies to manage your retail data so that it supports all of the complex queries your business needs, without you having to install and manage any new hardware or software.

Works with any POS system

Our software works quickly and easily on top of any POS system your retail chain uses. This means that if you want to analyse data from stores using different systems - it is no problem in RPM.

RPM has been helping retail chains, store managers and their suppliers to make data-driven decisions for 20 years and has worked with over 500 customers in New Zealand and Australia.

The RPM vision:
smarter retailing

We help retail groups to achieve this by being:

Easy-to-use - retail science made simple

Innovative - daring to be different

Open - sharing the insights

Connected - creating retail communities

Credible - what we do works

smarter retailing_edited_edited.jpg

The RPM Benefits:

Built to work with

your existing systems.

The RPM software is reliable and secure, and integrates with your existing computing environment without the need for new hardware or software.

Developed for your business needs.

The RPM reports are developed for scalability and performance using enterprise-level best-practice design principles. Additional data sources and custom reporting requirements are added to the RPM system for your business.

Fully hosted for

security and reliability.

The RPM software is cloud-based and housed in our data centre. All security, backups and software license costs are included in your monthly fees.

Supports your

changing business.

Because your business needs will change, we meet regularly with you and our technical team maintain the system for you to allow for changes in your data, changes in your users and any future reporting needs.

Discover how RPM can transform your retail decision-making and inventory management.


Your business can make smarter decisions when everyone has visibility on the right KPIs and reports. 


RPM will make it easier for you to collaborate with suppliers and achieve your business goals.

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