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Pharmacy Category Tree

Categories and Sub-categories for retail pharmacies

Pharmacy Resources

Core Range Decision Flowchart

How to decide whether to add a new product to your pharmacy's range

Inventory Management

Examples of Pharmacy Merchandising and Category Management


Schedule for using RPM reports

Which reports to use daily, weekly and monthly

RPM User Guide

How to use RPM to Identify and Clear Dead Stock

Our simple to follow method for improving this important part of your stock holding

Inventory Management

How to use RPM to improve your Gross Margin


Pharmacy Merchandising Best Practice Guide


Pharmacy Facebook Webinar series - 5 easy Steps - with George Berry


Watch these 7 short videos where George will talk you through the best way to plan and execute your pharmacy's Facebook content strategy.


Step 1: Content Planning

Step 2: Frequency

Step 3: Personalised Content

Step 4: Meta Business Suite

Step 5: Customer Engagement


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